Aquarium Drunkard, Sevens: Hum/Stars

Check out the latest entry in Aquarium Drunkard’s Sevens series, which reflects on legendary 90s-alternative band Hum and their big radio hit, “Stars”.

How awesome was this band? There was a year when I was in college when I was absolutely obsessed with them. I remember during a visit home to NH, I attended WAAF’s Big Field Day 1998 concert in Lowell, MA with some buddies. Hum were on the bill with Fuel, Feeder, the Black Crowes, Corey Glover (of Living Colour) & Godsmack. Seeing Hum live was the only reason I wanted to go. Unfortunately, we got “lost” on the way and I missed their set. I totally wanted to kick my friend’s ass right then and there. Shortly thereafter, Hum broke up.

God, I miss them.