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Washed Out “Hold Out”

V/A: WE’RE ONLY DAYS AWAY (click to download)

This is the first mixtape I’ve put together and shared publicly in quite a while (I’ve made  a few solely for my wife in the meantime).  Feels good to get back in the game.

I started out w/ about 3 1/2 hours worth of music, and it took me forever to skin it down to just these 18 songs. It was tough as hell. The silver lining of that is that I’ve got so many ripe leftovers, I’ll probably be able to have another one ready in the not-too-distant future, albeit w/ a slightly different “feel” to it than this one. Anyway, please download & enjoy. I’d love to hear what you think of the music.


01  Shout Out Louds  Walls (Fontän Remix) 6:13
02  Kisses  Bermuda  4:22
03  Lake Heartbeat  Southbound  3:59
04  Korallreven  Loved-Up  3:53
05  Pallers  The Kiss  5:39
06  Treasure  Canada  3:42
07  The Sonnets  Sebastian Said (Montauk Remix)  5:07
08  Washed Out  You’ll See It  2:55
09  Daft Punk  Voyager  3:48
10  Tanlines  Three Trees  3:23
11  Montauk  Holiday  4:39
12  Lo-Fi-FNK  Marchin’ In  5:08
13  Club 8  Western Hospitality (Pallers Remix)  5:39
14  Mathemagic  Breaststroke  4:47
15  How to Dress Well  Decisions [ft. Yüksel Arslan]  2:29
16  Fol Chen  In Ruins (Baths Remix)  4:03
17  Active Child  I’m in Your Church at Night  4:36
18  Wild Nothing  Cloud Busting  5:22

Total Runtime: 1:19:34 (fits on a CD!)

P.S. - The photographs I used on the cover art are courtesy of photographers Luke Byrne & Kyle Scully, both of whose photos I think perfectly depict the mood of these songs. So make sure you click on those two dudes and peruse the rest of their work. 

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