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Violens - “It Couldn’t Be Perceived”

Here’s a mesmerizing new video for Violens’ track “Acid Reign (In the Trees Mix)”. It was directed by Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek, who you may remember already collaborated w/ Violens member Jorge Elbrecht for that incredible Bieber headtrip under the SGINNED psuedonym. Love the unwavering closeup, the bleached out colors and ghost trails. And that dangly earring, so very George Michael. Can’t go wrong there.

"Acid Reign" was the third entry in my Essential LSTN Series. But the song’s mix in this video, I actually prefer quite a bit. Those guitar licks are so damn sexy. The “In the Trees Mix” can be found on Violens’ new split-7” with Twin Shadow.

Violens Summer Mixtape

Don’t know how I missed when this up. I was keeping an ear out for it for quite awhile and nothing ever went up. Then I don’t get any e-mails or Twitter updates from them for awhile, I randomly poke my head in on their website again this morning, and there it is!


1. Violens - Acid Reign (Violens “In The Trees” Mix)
2. Violens - Never Let You Go (SGIN of Justin Bieber music video) [ft. Caroline Polachek of Chairlift]
3. Violens - It Couldn’t Be Perceived (FUTURES Remix)
4. Violens - He Got the Girl (Marine Girls cover)
5. The Long Windows - Small Servant
6. Violens - Space Around the Feel Station [ft. Washed Out]
7. Nite Jewel - Another Horizon (Violens version)
8. Violens - Another Strike Restrained (Sadguitarius Remix)
9. Dead Can Dance - Anywhere Out of the World
10. Unrest - June
11. Roman Orchids - Clean Up Crew
12. Chapterhouse - Treasure
13. Delorean - Stay Close (Violens version)
14. Bethlehem - Tagebuch Einer Totgeburt
15. Summoning - Angbands Schmieden


Acid Reign MP3 / BAND

Violens : Amoral

Details are out on the upcoming Violens full-length, Amoral. Also, you can now listen to the new track, "Acid Reign".

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